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Zipper Tapes

Find continuous/chain by-the-metre zipper tapes here! Continuous zippers are easy to use and the most economical option if you make bags and other items in different sizes and require different zipper lengths. Size 5 is great for al purposes, especially the outers, whereas Size 3 are more suitable for internal pockets. Our Size 5 YKK Racquet Coil (RC) chain zippers are specifically developed and engineered by YKK for use in bags- they can withstand the pressure better than regular zipper tapes. They can also be used in clothing, of course! It is important to note than our YKK RC zipper tapes can be used with ANY of our beautiful #5 nylon sliders/pulls (YKK and non-YKK). But YKK RC Zipper Sliders/Pull will only work on YKK RC zipper tapes, and not regular zipper tapes.

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