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STEP 1: The below picture shows what you need(also a fully interfaced external piece of your bag where the anchor goes on!). The piece of scrap material will be used to protect the bag materials against wear and tear due to the metal washer, so it's best to choose a firm piece like vinyl, cork, leather or peltex etc. It needs to be bigger than the metal washer.

Additionally, you might also choose to prepare a piece of fusible interfacing (to cover the back of the anchor points from the inside), fray stop, a small pair of scissors or a 2mm hole punch and an iron.

STEP 2: Get your marker to mark on the rim of the screw bases on the strap anchor. Go over a few times to leave enough ink on there. 

STEP 3&4: Very quickly after Step 2, turn the strap anchor over to the right side and press the screw holes firmly onto the firm scrap piece of material so the ink leaves 2 hole marks. 

STEP 5: Measure the distance between the middle of the hole marks- about 10mm/ 3/8" in this case.

STEP 5: Flip your external piece to the right side. Use your pattern piece or decide on your own where to place your strap anchor. Find and mark the centre of it.

STEP 6: From the middle, mark a straight line (properly levelled to the bottom line of your bag piece). And mark 5mm from either side of the centre line just marked.

STEP 7: Use your seam ripper or a 2mm hole punch to make 2 holes on the marks we just made in Step 6. If using seam ripper, make sure they're no bigger than 2mm.

STEP 8: If using a woven or fraying material, make sure you dab some fray stop on the edge of the holes.

STEP 9: Place your strap anchor now on the right side and poke the screw bases through to the other side.

STEP 10: Cut 2mm holes in the piece of scrap (on the marks we made in Step 3&4). . And then place it on top of the screw holes of the strap anchor.

STEP 11: Place washer on top of the scrap piece and then put screws in. Make sure everything is aligned and tighten up screws. Use glues on the screws if preferred.

STEP 12: Get a larger piece of interfacing scrap to cover everything of the back of the anchor- the firm scrap, the washer and screws. Get your iron hot and fuse the large piece (around the edges).

STEP 13: Turn the bag piece to the right side and check to make sure you're happy with everything. And you're done!

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